Metal Parts Picking For A Large Communications Equipment Enterprise


Metal Parts Picking

  • Our 3D-Vision solutions support a wide range of applications, including machine tending, depalletizing, bin picking, sorting, kitting and assembly, etc

  • With advanced technologies including deep learning and motion planning, Mech-Mind's 3D-vision solutions help you cut labor cost and improve efficiency.

1. Customer's Requirements

Robot is required to pick the metal parts in different colors according to the orders.

2. Our Solution

Pro S.jpg

With high-accuracy, Mech-Eye Pro Smart Camera enables robot to recognize randomly-located metal parts.

3. Features


Support metal parts in various sizes and colors.


Mech-Eye enables robot to recognize the randomly-located holes quickly and accurately.

Collision checking algorithms and motion planning algorithms help to avoid collision or singularity.Robot is able to pick parts from deep bin.

FlexibilityMetal parts can be randomly placed or tightly packed.

Robot Brands

Customers can choose robots from all major brands. It only takes 3-5 days to integrate with your robot.

  • International Brands: ABB,KUKA,YASKAWA,UR, Nachi, Fanuc,Kawasaki,KEBA,etc.

  • Domestic Brands: ROKAE,A&E Robot,TURIN,HAN'S-ROBOT, AUBO, Techman-Robot,etc.