Vision-guided Depalletizing For A Large Pharmaceutical Factory


Vision-guided Depalletizing

  • Our 3D-Vision solutions support a wide range of applications, including machine tending, depalletizing, bin picking, sorting, kitting, and assembly, etc. 

  • With advanced technologies including deep learning and motion planning, Mech-Mind's 3D-vision solutions help you cut labor cost and improve efficiency.

1. Customer's Requirements

Our customer requires robot to recognize boxes with patterns and tapes.

2. Our Solution


With wide FOV and large DOF, Mech-Eye Deep Smart Camera enables robot to handle all common pallets.

3. Features


Support more than 200 kinds of boxes.

  • Boxes with patterns and tapes can be recognized quickly.

  • Boxes can be tightly packed.


At least 450 units per hour


Support for all common pallets.(e.g. pallet with a height of 1.8m )


Objects with tapes, patterns,and barcodes can also be recognized.

Advanced algorithms also help to palletize objects automatically.

Robot Brands

Customers can choose robots from all major brands. It only takes 3-5 days to integrate with your robot.

  • International Brands: ABB,KUKA,YASKAWA,UR, Nachi, Fanuc,Kawasaki,KEBA,etc.

  • Domestic Brands: ROKAE,A&E Robot,TURIN,HAN'S-ROBOT, AUBO, Techman-Robot,etc.


Our software can be integrated with WMS seamlessly.

Robot counts the number of boxes at the same time.